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Live Radio Play for the Renon cable car, Duration: 2h, Languages: Italian, German, English, Spanish, French. World Premiere: Transart Festival13, Bolzano 2013. AUI OI won the Transart-Museion-SKB Prize and is part of the collection of Museion – Museum For Modern Art Bolzano.

Ulrike Bernard & Caroline Profanter
With: Jonathan Frigeri, JD Zazie, Daniel Kemeny, Ernst Markus Stein, Jörg Zemmler.
Photocredit: Manuela Tessaro

AUI OI is a Live Radio Play that was conceived for the Renon cable car. 7 musicians and visual artists played, mixed and performed the piece for two hours in the valley station, which was transmitted to the cable car gondolas and sent visitors on a musical journey uphill (aui) and then downhill (oi). Electro-acoustic sounds, poetic snippets, transformed field recordings of the cable car itself, sci-fi beats and the voice of a hostess create a multi-tonal soundscape that transports the listeners floating in the air into a fictional narrative space. Ulrike Bernard and Caroline Profanter adapt the piece for the elevators of Museion – Museum of Modern Art Bolzano.

AUI OI (Excerpt) 10:42 min

AUI OI Audio Installation for the elevators of Museion – Museum for Modern Art, Bolzano (IT).
Exhibitions: Collection for Tomorrow: new works at Museion 2015-16 & HOPE, 2023-24.