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As a visual artist, I operate in a series of different contexts. By repurposing existing objects, I offer them new layers of meanings, in various formats and settings. A garden stake becomes a stand-in for an eco-feminist, a plant pot becomes a ballot box, the luminous strip of a high-vis vest becomes a space to deliver a message, and a construction site banner taken from the street becomes a beanbag. With the repurposing of these objects, I establish a playfully connection with the visitors. They themselves take on an active role by sinking into a beanbag with their bodies, displaying the text as wearers of a high-vis vest, casting their vote into a ballot box or, inspired by the stories about an environmental activist, sharing their own experiences.

The quality of the encounter is what interests me, be it while facilitating connections, involvement or participation. Whether in the course of a performative gesture, a series of readings or within a particular spatial situation, I am particularly interested in the references and the dialogical connections that arise when participants come together. This often operates on a subtle level that can be sensed through the presence of the body, beyond language and everyday logic.