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Blick von A.T.E.N.A, Sète

Ab Herbst 2022 Ko – Konzeption eines künstlerischen Außenstudios und Gestaltung eines Mittelmeergartens, Aufbau eines (umwelt)pädagogischen Programmes, in Zusammenarbeit mit Lise Chevalier / A.T.E.N.A – Atelier Temporaire Européen de Navigation Artistique, Sète.

„In order to respond to major contemporary issues on the question of ecology and the place of art in inventing, exchanging, telling, creating a link with the alive and sharing this transversality, the ATENA residence is currently creating an artistic garden by taking over an outdoor space.“


Grafik: Ela Spalding

05/ 2022 Teil der Suelo Methotology Residenz von Ela Spalding / Uferstudios Berlin.
Suelo Fanzine Beitrag S. 21-22

„Suelo (soil) is a methodology designed to reconnect with the places we inhabit. Through the concept, metaphor and materiality of soil as sustenance, home, land, and territory we can re-articulate the natural and cultural value of a selected location and engage with practices of collective worlding (Ela Spalding).“


F.O.R.E.ST Feldstudie mit der Semiotikerin Kadri Tüür, Massiaru (EST)

03/04 2022 Teilnahme an F.O.R.E.ST – Forum for radical ecology studies / Massia, Estland

„FO.R.E.ST is an experiment in learning together and outside the educational industrial complex, attempting to understand how we can navigate socio-environmental struggles.

FO.R.E.ST wants to expand modes of activism to acknowledge the agency of each of us to agitate transformation with any participation in world – based on processual reworkings, rethinkings, reconfigurations.“

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