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Polyphrenic Creatures (Ulrike Bernard and Amelie Marei Löllmann)

In dialogic exchange formats, Live Audio Dramas and auditory walks, Polyphrenic Creatures initiate narrative places that invite to linger, participate and exchange. Their performative situations and audio works advocate the constant becoming of word, gesture and meaning, which contains the possibility that every action and every word can be given a different meaning in the future. Perception is experienced as something plastic, as an act in which inner boundaries become fluid and permeable and reality becomes malleable. Listening and dialogue are tested as active forms of action.

*W O R K S*

Umrisse – In den Rissen

Site-specific exchange format / Audio 20:26 min / 2020
M.1 Arthur Boskamp Stiftung Hohenlockstedt
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N E P O <

Site-specific exchange format / Audio 10:36 min / 2020
Streamed live within the New Alphabet School #4 Caring, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin / in cooperation with M.1 Arthur Boskamp Stiftung Hohenlockstedt
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Pop Intrausch

Site-specific exchange format / Audio collages / 2018
In cooperation with Freies Theater Innsbruck – Vorbrenner, Premierentagen and Freirad – Freies Radio, Innsbruck

Bewegtes Denken 7:57 min
Drinnen Draußen 13:28 min
Verbunden 2:34 min
Zusammenleben 8:02 min
Umhörsession (mit Live Parts) 20:00 min


Live Audio Performance / 2017
In collaboration with Caroline Profanter
QO2 Brussels
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Softsonic GG

Live Audio Drama / 2017
Polyphrenic Creatures with John Mac Lean, Cornelia Herfurtner, Ayca Nina Zuch
District * School without center Berlin
Info (+ excerpt) / Trailer

Creatures in the mind nets

Live Audio Drama / 2016
Steirischer Herbst Graz in the Garden State (by Mamaza)
Excerpt / Trailer


Audiowalk in public space, Berlin 2014
Trailer / Tape 01:18:28

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